Handpainted Wine Glasses by Stephen Breen

In late 2015, I began my hand-painted wine glass series. These are traditional wine glasses with depictions of waves over sand. Working in my studio next to Waikīkī Beach, I use semi-transparent paint, and sand from the beach which adheres to the glass with my own process. The glasses come in either 12 oz or 18 oz sizes.

Single wine glass

Hand-etched wine glass

Shell on base

Hand-painted wine glass set

In recent months, the popularity of these glasses has allowed me to also offer them as gift sets, available with your choice of a bottle of Chardonnay or Pinot Noir:

Chardonnay Gift Set

Pinot Noir Gift Set

These pieces and more are available in the Stephen Breen Art shop.

If you are a gallery or gift shop owner and are interested in carrying these in your space, contact Stephen at or 1 (808) 366-3624.




Food & Liquor Expo Honolulu

I had a great time visiting the different vendors and sampling food and drinks at the Food & Liquor Expo at the Honolulu Convention Center.


This is how it ended:

Oh dear! A whole lotta fun!


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48th Annual Transpacific Yacht Race 2015

I just hosted two boats for the 48th Annual Transpacific Yacht Race 2015: the Paranoia and Buona Sera. Transpac is a huge national yacht race. I painted custom banners for boats that were 14 days at sea! Waikiki Yacht Club was the host club for Transpac. Stay tuned for my custom painted boat portraits!

Oh, and the hula skirt and coconut bra adorns our 4 gallons of Mai Tais!

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Made a new friend today


I took the Geico Gecko out dancing. He is actually much larger in person than he appears on TV. Besides, I saved up to 15% on my car insurance! That’s romance!