Stephen Breen

Stephen Breen is a nationally-renowned artist extraordinaire. He has designed everything from fashion to football fields, fantasy to fruition. Stephen has had his own line of hand-painted denim jeans, designed numerous leather jackets, homes, restaurants, and yes, even hand-painted a 25 yard center medallion on a football field.

Stephen’s forte is paint, and he makes all of his own colors, as well as his own unique color changing paint. His custom-made paints embellish every one of his original pieces. The effect of these custom colors is evident, particularly when viewing the piece inside of your home. Most of the murals are painted on-location, specifically for the customer, right at your house!

Stephen’s large scale artworks, decorative finishes, and interior design stills have been showcased in Architectural Digest, Better Homes and Gardens, various other periodicals, and even on national television.

If you want creative and unique, Stephen is your artist!

I like to paint motion and life. Whatever I paint is alive!

One of Stephen’s latest creations is handmade lava. He will never reveal the techniques involved as it is a complicated, multi-step process.

I like the power of lava. Lava has the amazing ability to generate new life amidst intense destruction. Nature’s reminder that change is constant.

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